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Dee Coppola
Dee Coppola
(Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield, Swing courtesy David and Susan Crossland)

Looking Forward

One of the many perks of this job is hearing from our readers via text, email or a phone call. I look forward to listening to your opinions and sharing a family recipe or a thoughtful tip for a feature we may want to peruse.

In a community as rich as ours, there’s never a dearth of opinions; our readers share their thoughts, acting as partners and keeping us in the loop, as friends would.

There is no community scene coverage this issue, but when events swing back, we will be there!

This is an amazing issue. Finally, after four months, Brix 25° is our featured restaurant. Our cover feature is Owen and Paulette Lubin’s stellar waterfront custom home by Kitsap-Trident Homes.

If you’re looking for home-related items, check out the Closet Mojo. Furniture Trends will guide you in choosing that “just right” piece for your home.

Those Incredible Kitchens — 14 of them to be exact. Peruse to find features you love.

Looking for a “fun” read? Try An Evening Fit for a President. Read about our presidents’ dinner parties (and it’s nonpartisan).

Sam and Karen Brindley let us wander their stunning garden in Indianola — truly a garden makeover with love and imagination.

Read about Shayne Chandler and Warren Read’s 5-acre garden creation in Kingston. Plan a trip to Bloedel Reserve to experience “Autumn Glory.”

The quaint waterfront town of Allyn is our highlighted community this issue.

During a time of isolation, artist Amy Burnett shows off her work behind glass, featuring her art behind windows.

Looking for a creative wood sculptor? Poulsbo’s James Nybo uses chainsaws, chisels and multiple hand tools to create his art.

Cary Bozeman of Manette is our Unsung Hero. Bozeman is very active throughout the Kitsap community and is a mentor, by example, to many.

A big “thank you” to our contributing writers and photographers for delivering their stellar work-product on time. And, to our production department, who in spite of a little disorganization, plugged on to deliver an exemplary magazine. To our advertisers, who stuck with us in this uncertainty. We’re looking forward to good times.




Dee Coppola
DEE COPPOLA Founding Editorial Director
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