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Great Peninsula Conservancy

Share Your Thoughts About Great Peninsula Conservancy’s Preservation Plans

The Great Peninsula Conservancy is updating its goals, objectives and strategies for conserving lands and waters on the Kitsap, Key and Gig Harbor peninsulas. The draft Great Peninsula Conservancy Conservation Plan for 2016-2021 is an update and revision to the previous plan. Its … read more


2016-2017 USA Duck Stamp

Supporting Wildlife Refuges by Collecting Duck Stamps

“…You don’t have to be a hunter to buy a duck stamp. You just need $25. So go out and buy the stamp.” Jim Williams, co-author of the book “Questions and Answers about Backyard Birds,” made that statement in an article he wrote … read more

Unsung Hero — Julie Ann Gustanski

Greater Gig Harbor Foundation

Julie Ann Gustanski is a founding member (together with Vernon Young, Eric Guenther and Mike Paul, Jr.) of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. All of her work for the foundation — including, currently, as the CEO — has been volunteer service. Prior to … read more


Orca Pod

Orca Births are Good News for Puget Sound but are At Risk

Most can agree that seeing an orca glide through the water is a pretty rare and incredible sight. If you have lived in the Puget Sound for a while, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to see an orca or two in the wild. … read more


Tree Recycling

Green Living: Don’t Trash Your Tree!

During the weeks after Thanksgiving, I saw numerous trees on top of cars and in pickup trucks — heading home for their two to four weeks of glory, decorated as the family or office Christmas tree. The sadder side of this story is … read more


Cooking Oil Recycling

Green Living: Recycle Your Cooking Oil

Fats, oils and grease from kitchens can impact sewer systems in a big way. When poured down a drain inside the house, these items can quickly damage or clog sewage pipes. Whether your house is on a septic system or connected to a … read more


Potted Christmas Trees

Five Tips To Make Your Holiday Season More Sustainable and More Peaceful

These days, it seems like the holiday spirit travels in a plane from far away and comes wrapped in an enormous amount of unnecessary plastic. In the middle of finding the perfect gift and trying to hunt down deals, it can be hard … read more


Song Sparrow in Autumn Plumage

How You Can Be Part of Thanksgiving Bird Count

During the month of November, one bird is in the minds of many West Sound residents. While the Thanksgiving turkey may be the Bird of the Month, other birds are getting their share of attention. They are the ones that will be counted … read more

Nikki Johanson of Pheasant Fields Farm in her greenhouse full of veggie starts

Save it From a Rainy Day — Rainwater Harvesting

After the severe decline in this year’s snowpack, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought in May. By July, runoff from snowpack had disappeared and 83 percent of the state’s streams and rivers were reported running at below normal or record low flows. … read more

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