The Top U.S. Kitchen Trends, According to Instagram

FarmhouseFrom cooking to conversations all the way to homework help and parties, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.

The average American spends more than nine days in the kitchen each year. With such a long time being spent in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that you would want it to look as “on trend” as possible.

With so many colors and features to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s a fad and what trends are here to stay. A new report by Wren Kitchens has analyzed over 500,000 Instagram posts in the USA to determine the top “instagrammable” kitchen trends for styles, features and color themes. See the trends that are here to stay below.

BlackModern and farmhouse styles are deemed the most ‘instagrammable’

The modern kitchen style featuring a simple and sleek design was found to be the most instagrammable style of 2020, with 44,458 posts.

This was followed by the farmhouse style — which usually features a more rustic, wooden and retro style — with 20,364 posts.

The top instagrammable styles were:

Ranking Style No. of posts
1 Modern 44,458
2 Farmhouse 20,364
3 Country 16,186
4 Traditional 10,599
5 Rustic 8,119
6 Cottage 5,441
7 Shaker 4,108
8 Industrial 3,457
9 Minimalist 2,171
10 Transitional 1,883

Granite CountertopsGranite countertops are the most popular features

When it comes to kitchen features, the most instagrammable trend of 2020 is a granite countertop, with 49,619 posts.

Taking second place are pantry cabinets, usually a feature in a larger kitchen. The old-school vintage cupboards are not going anywhere, with 29,429 posts.

Ranking Feature No. of posts
1 Granite countertops 49,619
2 Pantry cabinets 29,429
3 Quartz countertops 23,652
4 Kitchen islands 23,436
5 Eco-friendly 5,785
6 Brass faucets 4,608
7 Copper hardware 3,698
8 Mosaic splashback tiles 3,041
9 Induction cooktop 650
10 Farmhouse sinks 141

ModernWhite kitchens are back

White-and-black kitchens take the top spots with 48,753 and 27,528 posts respectively, followed by green and blue.

Here’s the full list:

Ranking Color No. of posts
1 White 48,753
2 Black 27,528
3 Green 23,423
4 Blue 15,470
5 Cream 13,106
6 Pink 5,459
7 Gray 5,358
8 Yellow 4,808
9 Peach 2,459
10 Floral 2,409


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